Hyatt 凱悅常旅客計劃將在2019年迎來一系列變革

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(2021-8-14前)IHG洲際賣分促銷:通過官網購買優悅會(IHG Rewards)積分享額外最高100%獎勵

(2021-8-26前)Hyatt 凱悅賣分促銷:購買凱悅天地(World of Hyatt)積分享75折優惠

What’s Coming

凱悅引入名為Milestone Rewards的獎勵機制,將於2019年3月1號開啟,但是2019年1月1日開始的入住都會計入該Milestone Rewards機制。 (本站晚些時候將詳細解讀,先放官方消息):

完成20晚入住可獲得兩張Club Lounge Awards

完成30晚入住時再次獲得兩張Club Lounge Awards






1Club lounge access awards can now be earned sooner at each milestone outlined in the chart above, and will no longer be awarded with Explorist status. In 2019, members can earn a maximum of four Club access awards whether they 1) earn Explorist status January 1 – February 28 or 2) stay 30 qualifying nights or earn 50,000 Base Points over the course of a calendar year. Completing more than one of these actions will not earn additional Club access awards. In 2020, Club access awards will only be awarded as follows : 2 at 20 qualifying nights or 35,000 Base Points and 2 more at 30 qualifying nights or 50,000 Base Points.

2Valid when paying an eligible rate or when redeeming points for a free night or Points + Cash award. See new Program Terms for more details.

3A Member who earns four suite upgrade awards by completing the qualifying night and/or Base Point-earning requirements between January 1, 2019, and February 28, 2019, will still receive those four awards, but will not receive any additional Suite upgrade awards in the remainder of 2019.

4Starting in 2020, all members, including existing Globalists, must complete 60 qualifying nights (including paid and award nights), earn 100,000 Base Points, or hold 20 qualifying meetings/events in a calendar year to qualify or requalify for Globalist status. The previous World of Hyatt benefit that allowed eligible Globalists to requalify for Globalist status with 55 qualifying nights will be closed to new Globalists as of 1/1/19 and discontinued for all members as of 1/1/20.


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(2021-8-14前)IHG洲際賣分促銷:通過官網購買優悅會(IHG Rewards)積分享額外最高100%獎勵

(2021-8-26前)Hyatt 凱悅賣分促銷:購買凱悅天地(World of Hyatt)積分享75折優惠